Virgilio’s Italian Cuisine: A Taste of Italy in the Heart of the Virgin Islands

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Welcome to Virgilio’s Italian Cuisine, a culinary haven where the flavors of Italy meet the tropical beauty of the Virgin Islands. From authentic pasta dishes to delectable seafood creations, Virgilio’s invites you on a journey that will transport your taste buds to the shores of Italy. Join me as we explore the delights that await at Virgilio’s. From the unique colonial-era stone walls and arches (which have been preserved through the centuries) to the incredible and unique artwork that adorns nearly every space on the walls of the restaurant. It will quickly become apparent that there is always a notable crowd who frequently eat at Virgilios. As a town favorite you can find everyone from the local shop owner to the governor or local legislator having a business meeting over a nice glass of wine.

Being one of Flavors Food Tours in St Thomas’ tasting partners”, Virgilio’s has been one of St. Thomas’ favorite restaurants for more than 23 years! With some of the best cuisine on the island, it is a must-stop location on your trip. Established in 1988, Virgilios has had their experience in delivering the best quality of food to their guests. This “legendary” spot is known as an iconic eatery that is frequented by some of the most well-known people on the island. Not only is their food noteworthy, but their service is exceptional, and that is shown through the longevity of their staff- most have been there for over 10 years! 

Authenticity at Its Finest! 

This must-stop location on your trip to St. Thomas is found downtown on Storetvaer Gade just off Main Street. There is so much to offer on the menu at Virgilio’s, every guest is sure to find something they will love. Stuffed pastas are a fan favorite, which are all handmade with the sauces being individually made to order. Dietary issues? Not a problem, Virgilio’s has you covered with accommodations to satisfy these restrictions and preferences. They are also known for making you recipes that are not on the menu- if you want it, they will make it! Aside from the mouth-watering pastas and seafood, they have an array of decadent desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth, such as Tiramisu and Mango and Banana’s Flambe. There are many drink options that you may find enjoyable as well at Virgilios along your USV1 Drinking Tour! 

Meet the Chef!  

As you’re embarking on Virgilio’s Journey, you may wonder, “who is the chef behind this tasty masterpiece?” Well, to answer your question, his name is Ernesto Garrigos- a World-class Chef. Garrigos specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. He has learned his talents from different chefs around the world. These dishes are so authentic that they could compete with those found in Italy itself, but you can experience them while relaxing on the Virgin Islands. Not only has his talents been applauded on the island, but he has also been featured in multiple broadcasts, including the Discovery Channel!  

As you can see, there are many things to experience in St Thomas, especially on a Flavors Food Tour! Virgilio’s is a must stop location along the way where you not only will get to taste some mouthwatering dishes, but also get to enjoy a great ambiance as well. Come experience the tantalizing flavors today!  

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