You HAVE to try the Conch in St. Thomas!

Written By: Lisa Bredahl, Flavors of St. Thomas tour guide What is conch? I am sure you are familiar with the large sea shells you put to your ear to hear the ocean, yes, this is the conch shell. The Queen Conch is a large snail herbivore that inhabits the Caribbean Sea and reaches a […]

Unique Fruits of the US Virgin Islands, The Mesple

Written by: Lisa Bredahl, Flavors Food Tour, St. Thomas VI location On your next trip to the US Virgin Islands, make sure to notice all of the unique floral and fauna that surrounds you. There are definitely some interesting species that grow all over the island. Some are indigenous and others were brought by the […]

10 Things to do in Charlotte Amalie 2020

Downtown culinary tour:  join Flavors of St. Thomas as you see the sights, taste the local food and explore the old colonial town of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. This three hour walking and food tour is a great way to explore downtown at the start of your visit to the islands… […]

12 Things To Do in St. Thomas

St. Thomas may be only 14 miles long and 3 miles wide, but there’s an endless amount of things to do on this beautiful island. With sparkling turquoise beaches, some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean, and breathtaking views at every corner, St. Thomas has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn about some […]

The Most Romantic Restaurants in St. Thomas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s officially time to start thinking about where you want to take your special someone. It’s not hard to find the perfect romantic restaurant thanks to the endless amount of breathtaking views and luxurious cuisine in St. Thomas, but it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re a […]

Top 10 Food and Drinks in St. Thomas

In order to make the very best of a vacation, you have to do a little research. You research to find the prettiest beaches, the best hotels, and even the best things to do. Of course, some research is more fun than others. Namely, researching the food of an area! The fun and yummy cuisine in […]

4 Unique Things to do In St. Thomas

Humans are creatures of comfort. We thrive on routine and habit, even when we’re on vacation. Although vacation is a break from reality, it can be easy to get into a routine and end up dong the same old things you’ve always done on vacation. Make you vacation in St. Thomas different! St. Thomas is a […]