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Fun Facts

On Your Next Visit to St. Thomas, you HAVE to try the Conch!


Written By: Lisa Bredahl, Flavors of St. Thomas tour guide What is conch? I am sure you are familiar with the large sea shells you put to your ear to hear the ocean, yes, this is the conch shell. The Queen Conch is a large snail herbivore that inhabits the Caribbean Sea and reaches a [...]

On Your Next Visit to St. Thomas, you HAVE to try the Conch!2020-06-11T18:28:22+00:00

Unique Fruits of the US Virgin Islands, The Mesple


Written by: Lisa Bredahl, Flavors Food Tour, St. Thomas VI location On your next trip to the US Virgin Islands, make sure to notice all of the unique floral and fauna that surrounds you. There are definitely some interesting species that grow all over the island. Some are indigenous and others were brought by [...]

Unique Fruits of the US Virgin Islands, The Mesple2020-04-29T18:51:55+00:00

COVID-19 Safety


Relax, you can enjoy St Thomas and its delicious culinary offerings in safety with Flavors Food Tours! To ensure the safety of our Flavors guests, our guide team and vendor partners are taking the following precautions: *Guests and guides are expected to wear masks 100 percent of the time during the tour unless consuming food/drink [...]

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Caribbean Cuisine to Crave


Did your visit to St. Thomas induce a new appetite for Caribbean Cuisine?  Well, we have the solution for you.  Check out the latest Caribbean cookbook by a local St. Thomas celebrity chef, Julius Jackson.  If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he is a professional boxer known as “The Chef” and he has also [...]

Caribbean Cuisine to Crave2020-02-17T16:50:55+00:00
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