10 Things to do in Charlotte Amalie 2020

Flavors Food Tours

Downtown culinary tour:  join Flavors of St. Thomas as you see the sights, taste the local food and explore the old colonial town of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands. This three hour walking and food tour is a great way to explore downtown at the start of your visit to the islands… And don’t forget the fabulous rum cocktails being served, too.

Fort Christian

Fort Christian: built in 1671 by the Danes, this is the oldest structure on the island. The Dane’s sold the island to the US in 1917 and the fort opened as a museum in 2017 to commemorate  the centennial celebration. The inside features a large courtyard, chapel, the old Danish governor’s home, jail cells and a dungeon.  Tours are offered Monday – Friday.

Zora of St. Thomas

Zora of St. Thomas: Located on the edge of town, you will find a truly one of a kind shop in St. Thomas, that’s over 50 years old.  Zora of St. Thomas features custom made sandals to fit your feet perfectly. They also sell canvas bags, handmade glass beads made into jewelry, infused glass plates, and many other unique items, so take a short walk down Norre Gade at Hospital Gade (across from Roosevelt Park) and visit Zora today.

Emancipation Garden, Charlotte Amalie

Emancipation Garden: this public park is located downtown, adjacent to Fort Christian. Local events are held here all throughout the year and it’s a great way to take a quick rest while walking the old colonial streets.  This park is where the Danish Governor proclaimed the slaves free after they revolted in 1848. Look for the famous Freedom sculpture that commemorates the Emancipation, which is Now celebrated every July 3rd as a local holiday.

Main Street, Charlotte Amalie

Main Street shopping:  located one block off of the waterfront, this old colonial Street was filled with merchants back when St. Thomas was a major hub of trade in the 1700 and 1800s. Now the streets are lined with shops, pubs, and restaurants for tourist to visit. Enjoy The 17th century architecture and cobblestone streets.

Vendor’s Plaza

Vendors plaza:  looking for that quick souvenir or a chance to haggle with a local, check out vendors Plaza near Fort Christian, right on the waterfront.

Waterfront Wharf

Walk the Waterfront Wharf:  back in the day this was known as Tortola wharf, because goods would come in from Tortola, British virgin islands. One of the Caribbean few naturally deep harbors, you’ll see the most amazing views when you walk the walkway next to The Caribbean Sea. The turquoise  sea, the cruise ships docked in the harbor, the yachts moor d nearby, and the gentle trade winds are so captivating. Pull  out your camera for some of the most amazing memories you can capture.

E’s Garden Teahouse & Things

Tea shop:  make a trip into one of Charlotte Amalie’s little hidden gems, E’s Garden Teahouse and Things. Located just north of post office Square, travel down Commandant Gade and you’ll find this bright green cheerful building on your left.  Take a trip inside and experience some local bush tea and enjoy art by local artisans.

The famous “99 Steps”

The 99 Steps:  One of our national landmarks on the island is known as the famous 99 Steps. It was built in the mid 1700s as a way for the Dane’s to traverse conveniently to Blackbeard‘s Castle. Take a close look at the steps and you will see a golden brick. These golden bricks were exclusively made in Denmark and used as ballasts for ships traveling to the Danish West  Indies. Head up the steps and take a right and you’ll be at the base of Blackbeard‘s Castle.

Blackbeard’s Castle

Blackbeard’s Castle: located at the top of the 99 Steps over looking Charlotte Amalie, Blackbeard’s Castle was built in the late 1600s as a watch tower for the Danes.  This national landmark is currently closed and on the market, so if you’re looking for some great investment property give us a call ????. You can still walk a portion of the grounds and take some beautiful pictures of the outside of the castle, so don’t hesitate and go check it out. 

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