Talk to any foodie in St. Thomas, and you’ll quickly learn that St. Thomas has some of the best cuisines in the Caribbean. This means that you really can’t go wrong when wining and dining on this beautiful island. As the melting pot of the Caribbean, there’s a never-ending list of amazing options on the island, from classic Caribbean dishes to refreshing seafood. Dining in St. Thomas is also the best because of the casual attire expected at most establishments and the number of restaurants with beautiful island views. It’s borderline impossible to find a restaurant that doesn’t have at least amazing food or amazing views (or, in most cases, both)!

As a company full of foodies, we’re lucky enough to work with the best of the best on the island (learn more about our partner restaurants here.) This is a list of some of our other favorite restaurants in St. Thomas.


Bella Blu

If brunch is your favorite kind of sport (and yes, it is a sport) then head over to Bella Blu for the best brunch on the island. With over 34 years of experience under their belt, Bella Blu is a can’t miss restaurant. Bella Blu is famous for their authentic Austrian schnitzels and fun brunch items like crab benedict and chicken and Belgian waffles.

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas

Pizza Pi

You’ve heard of food trucks, but what about a food boat? Forget about cake by the ocean, at Pizza Pi you get to have pizza in the ocean. That’s right, at this floating restaurant you can enjoy a slice pie right in the middle of the water, specifically Christmas Cove. Only accessible by boat, this is the best way to grab a bite while sailing the high seas or snorkeling around.

Best Restaurants in St Thomas

Glady’s Cafe

Chances are if you’re on a Caribbean island, you’re looking for some good Caribbean food. Well, consider your search over because Glady’s has some of the best West Indian cuisines in St. Thomas. Foodies will find themselves in Caribbean heaven thanks to dishes like conch fritters, kalaloo soup, fungi, and roti (check out a list of classic St. Thomas dishes here).



When you’re on vacation it’s normal to see other tourists eating at the same restaurants as you. But you know you’ve found a really special place when you look around and you see locals eating at the same place as youAt Cuzzins you can eat like a true St. Thomas native. Cuzzins has been an island favorite since the early 90’s and that’s not stopping anytime soon. Find dishes like conch in butter sauce, Caribbean BBQ, and rice and peas. You can also try Cuzzins on our St. Thomas Rum and Food Tour! Find out more information here!

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


The name may be Thirteen, but you’ll find yourself feeling especially lucky if you decide to go here. Thirteen expertly combines unlikely flavors to form delicious and unique dishes, like their beef jerky salted New York strip and grilled Peruvian octopus. Named for the number of tables they have, it is highly recommended that you call ahead in order to enjoy this foodie haven.

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


Havana Blue

If beautiful views and even better food is something you enjoy (who doesn’t?!) then Havana Blue is the spot for you. Ocean front dining isn’t exactly difficult to come by in St. Thomas, but pairing it with equally impressive Latin American flavors is a true treat. Havana Blue would be a great spot to impress a date or to take in breathtaking views of the sunset while dining on tasty bites like the mojo shrimp or mojito skirt steak.

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


Greengos Caribbean Cantina

If your knowledge of Mexican food comes from the school of Taco Bell, then prepare to get a lesson from Greengos Caribbean Cantina. You may be on a Caribbean island, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some food from Mexico. With locations in both St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, Greengos is dedicated to authentic Mexican flavors and a fun dining experience.

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas



No, you’re not in the middle of the Da Vinci Code, you’re just at St. Thomas’ most well-loved Italian restaurant. Thanks to the countless amount of art, extensive wine list, and authentic Italian flavors, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the middle of Florence or Rome, with a slight Caribbean twist. Our favorite dishes include the linguini al pesto and grilled duck salad. Virgilio’s also has a special place in our heart since it’s one of the restaurants on our St. Thomas food tour!

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


Mafoile Resturant

Two words: The view. Two more words: The food! Sorry if we seem short of words here, but Mafoile is truly breathtaking. One glance at the impressively unique view and bite of their fresh Caribbean cuisine and you’ll be struggling for words just like us. This is definitely the most Instagram-able restaurant on the list, so be sure to bring your phone (and an empty stomach thanks to their generous portions).

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


The Twisted Cork Cafe


You know that feeling you get you pour yourself a glass of wine after a long day? The Twisted Cork Cafe perfectly bottles up that feeling and pours it into their restaurant. This wine-themed restaurant serves “eclectic comfort food with a Caribbean twist” in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. You can find dishes like duck and waffles or salmon risotto. Their food is so fresh that even have their own on-premises garden! 

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas


The Smoking Rooster

Rum. BBQ. Beach. If those three words are how you like to spend your vacation then you’re sure to enjoy yourself at The Smoking Rooster. They value two things above all: exceptionally smoked barbecue and a passion for rum. Enjoy classic plates like mac and cheese (with all the fixings), pork ribs, or smoked chicken and unique rum-based cocktails. Even your vegan or vegetarian friends can find something at this BBQ joint.

Best Restaurants in St. Thomas