Humans are creatures of comfort. We thrive on routine and habit, even when we’re on vacation. Although vacation is a break from reality, it can be easy to get into a routine and end up dong the same old things you’ve always done on vacation. Make you vacation in St. Thomas different! St. Thomas is a fun and exciting island with plenty of activities that will break the typical vacation rut we can all fall into. Keep on reading to learn about our favorite out of the box things to do in St. Thomas.

Eat Dinner After Taking a Skylift

This isn’t your typical dinner and a movie date night. On Skyride to Paradise Point, you can ride up to over 700 feet above Charlotte Amalie. Surround yourself with breathtaking views and plenty of Kodak moments while you ascend to Paradise Point. This is the perfect activity to impress a date or entertain the entire family. At the top, you’ll find plenty of shops, a restaurant, and a bar. Don’t leave without having a classic Bushwacker while you watch the sunset over St. Thomas.


Keep “Cool” at an Ice Bar

We know what you’re thinking. You traveled all the way to St. Thomas to escape the cold, so why the heck would you willingly put yourself in the cold?! Well, this experience is nothing like you’ve had before. Magic Ice is a truly unique thing to do in St. Thomas. Don’t worry if you’re dressed for the Caribbean heat, they provide you with everything you need so that you do not freeze. Check out beautiful ice sculptures created by over 16 different artists or sip on expertly crafted drinks at the bar. This is definitely one of the coolest things you’ll do on the island.


Get Up Close and Personal with a Shark

If swimming with sharks is on your bucket list then head over to Coral World. At their Shark Encounter, you can literally swim with the sharks in their own pool full of shallow water sharks. You get to learn about these impressive animals as well as shark preservation and then interact with them in person. This unique thing to do is the perfect balance of thrill and learning!


Make Your Own Cocktail

Who says vacation can’t be educational? The best way to take the Caribbean back home with you is with the knowledge of your favorite tropical rum cocktail! On our Flavors of St. Thomas Food and Culture Tour you get to explore the historic city of Charlotte Amalie with your taste buds. The best part? You don’t just get to taste the deliciousness of the island, you get the chance to be apart of the magic and make your very own drink! Right now you can take 20% off our tours until January 31st with the discount code “HOLIDAY20.”